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  • Oakley yellow Hongda general manager of China,said: "I am very happy to be with so many friends together to Oakley way to challenge themselves personally limit,experience sports passion,but also take on the upcoming activities to express our athletes went to the stadium of London salute and wishes.As fake oakleys Oscar? Pistor Reese with his dedication and unyielding spirit to conquer the whole world,like,Oakley hope to bring people not only to create cutting-edge technologies,through the lens presents a clearer vision effectiveness and protection for the eyes,but also hope to convey the sports itself the infinite spirit and strength and to encourage people to pursue dreams and beliefs persist."In today's "running to London" competition,the final cheap oakleys runners Yang root in 35 minutes 21 seconds to score to win the championship,the lucky contestants Yong won the London round-trip award tickets Oakley offer.Enthusiastic fake oakleys party after the game will be the event to a climax,with friends calling you wear Cheap Oakleys,running to London! The world's leading sports brand Oakley (Oakley) on today Eleventh China International Golf Fair announced that its full line of products golf official visit to China.Over the years adhering to the spirit of enthusiasm and excellence in innovation,Oakley in the world,skiing,golf,riding and other outdoor areas become fake oakleys the world's top athletes and highly respected professional leading brands.Oakley Golf series covers glasses,clothing,footwear and accessories,with its unparalleled technological fake oakley sunglasses breakthroughs and artistic innovation has become the preferred equipment elite golfers? - The month just ended Honda Classic golf tournament,Oakley help Roy Macro Iraq (Rory McILroy) won the championship and was promoted to the fake oakley sunglasses world number one.Never seen before - the world's leading technology to create functional mirror sunglasses golf professionalWith Oakley professional sports spectacles in the world lead,Oakley golf in China the most important "G Lens series" functional golf professional sunglasses.This series is widely used in Fast Jacket,Radar,Half Jacket and Oakley Flak Jacket and other classic sports eyewear,the Oakley integration of a foakleys number of innovative technologies,the extraordinary achievements of fake oakleys unprecedented professional quality:Green environment designed specifically for the G Lens series iridium lens coating Golf dedicated lenses - according to different weather to select different lenses,can effectively increase the visual contrast,improve visual perception,make players more clearly in the green environment accurately observe the stadium environment .? Oakley HDO (? High Definition Optics) High Definition optical technology - ordinary lenses because the optical refraction only positive vision ahead is clear,lead players in cheap oakleys sunglasses the swing misjudged the position of the ball; and Oakley High Definition fake oakleys sunglasses Optics technology allows golfers in each perspective has precise visual judgment,the Raiders greens bring a full range of clear visual experience.The technology also can be 100% shielding UVA,UVB,UVC and harmful wave blue light up to 400 nm,but also has superior impact protection function - can withstand the impact of 500 grams heavy metal falling from 104 cm height when.Three-point fit - with three-point support bridge foakleys of the nose and temples glasses firmly bonded ensures visual accuracy.Switchlock technology? - foakleys sunglasses A few seconds to complete the replacement of the lens,and instantly achieve visual clarity.HYDROPHOBIC technology - waterproof,anti-oil,anti-fouling design;? Lens cleaning easy and convenient.The perfect combination of science and art - a revolutionary innovation of professional golf clothing line.In addition to optical products,as always,focused,Oakley golf series full set of clothing,footwear and other high-tech products are also expected to visit China.Oakley golf apparel and footwear dedicated to redefine the rules of the industry has made a major breakthrough in a lightweight,breathable,wind resistance,flexibility,foakleys sunglasses etc.,for the players to provide the ultimate in performance,comprehensive protection and a unique sport comfort:Hydrolix technology - using O remember Hydrolix moisture management system,"capillary action" to make rapid dissemination of sweat on the skin to the outer layer of clothing and evaporated moisture efficiently excreted.This feature ensures that the players are not moisture in the hot weather in cheap fake oakley overheating,or in cold weather fake oakleys sunglasses too cold.Oakley Factory Lite light technology - similar products in the most light,the smallest and lightest,reduce fatigue and enhance flexibility.

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